多样性、股票 & 包容


We exist to educate young women for a life of faith, 诚信与真实. Compelled by our Catholic 多米尼加charism of Veritas to seek truth, we act for a just world for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our fidelity to our mission calls us to work constantly towards becoming a more just, 公平的, 多元化和包容的学校社区.


十大网投正规信誉网址重视和 选择 多样性, equity and inclusion because these practices reflect our commitment to create and sustain a vibrant, collaborative and just community where the uniqueness of each person is honored as a sacred expression of God’s own imago, 成虫一些.

Our commitment is rooted in our Catholic, 多米尼加 identity & 十大网投正规信誉网址使命的关键.



Our world is grappling with multiple assaults on our shared humanity: ongoing systemic racism, 新型冠状病毒肺炎, 政治极化和自然灾害. 更具体地说, we acknowledge as a school community that Flintridge Sacred Heart has not articulated clearly our response to the historical and social reality of anti-Black racism and other forms of hatred. 十大网投正规信誉网址知道十大网投正规信誉网址不能再保持沉默了. 十大网投正规信誉网址不能再做同谋了. Through social media and direct contact with school leaders, we have heard our students and alumnae describe their pain at being dismissed, 被排除在外, 不被认可,不被支持.
十大网投正规信誉网址的社区是建立在爱的福音价值之上的, 同情, mutual acceptance and growing into the virtues of Veritas, 拉丁语中“真理”的意思. As one of our alumnae wisely reminded us, “真理不是一个目标,而是一个标准.” We acknowledge that we have missed opportunities to live Veritas and have not consistently provided our students adequate and safe spaces to share their experiences of racism and marginalization and to find healing. We specifically acknowledge that we have not adequately assisted our faculty and staff in responding to the concerns of our Black, 土著, 有色人种(BIPOC)学生和十大网投正规信誉网址的LGBTQ+学生. We apologize for our lack of a school-wide response and public acknowledgment to the criticisms raised by our students and alumnae. Flintridge Sacred Heart hears you, and we are making positive changes. We want to share what we have begun and what we commit to create for a future that is true to the standard of Veritas.


  • 多米尼加司法社区

    发展公平和包容的天主教文化, 多米尼加任务要求, 十大网投正规信誉网址将启动多米尼加司法社区(DJC), a multi-constituency group within Flintridge Sacred Heart. 以天主教社会教义为指导, DJC members commit to train together in order to initiate, implement and evaluate our progress towards 公平的 practices, processes and systems among our Flintridge Sacred Heart community.

    We convene as a multi-constituency group within the larger Flintridge Sacred Heart community to serve the greater mission of the school:  called to faith, 诚信与真实.  As a 多米尼加 school 指南d by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, 十大网投正规信誉网址将采取系统性的, 公平的 steps to catalyze our emerging future as a safe, 勇敢包容的空间, 每个人的尊严都得到尊重的地方.
    We embrace the invitation to deepen our understanding of Veritas and commit to:
    • growing in personal knowledge and practice of cultural competency, 深化包容能力建设, 公平和多样性;
    • 启动, implementing and progress monitoring 公平的 practices, processes and systems among all constituents of our Flintridge Sacred Heart community to advance the work of institutionalizing an antiracist, 反偏见的学校文化;
    • becoming a model community exercising mutual respect, authenticity, collaboration and trust.
    DJC members are committed to train together in order to initiate, implement and evaluate our progress towards 公平的 practices, processes and systems among our Flintridge Sacred Heart community. Their primary purpose is to advance the work of institutionalizing an antiracist, 十大网投正规信誉网址学校的反偏见文化. Members of the DJC serve a one-year term with the option to renew (two-year maximum). 第一项是1.5 years, ending in June 2022, with the option for a second one-year term.

    Ava DeFranco '23 
    莉娜黄 '23 

    Sara Espinoza '09 


    教师 & 工作人员

    Sarah Sima McCann, 1996年 

    Sr. 塞莱斯特·玛丽·博特洛,哦.P.,主要
    Breeana Koemans Gumpert '12, Director of 女校友 Relations & 特别活动
    Sr. 卡罗琳·麦科马克,O.P.总统
    DeShawn Samad '11,女校友协会DEI联合主席
  • 学生生活

    As we grow through this time of pandemic and social action for racial justice, we, 你的老师, staff and administration want you to know our commitment to you, 十大网投正规信誉网址十大网投正规信誉网址学院的学生.

    你是十大网投正规信誉网址在这里的原因.  你是十大网投正规信誉网址任务的核心.  We exist so that you may come to know and experience the gifts and talents that you alone can offer this world.  At Flintridge Sacred Heart we are committed to your full flourishing as young women within this Catholic, 多米尼加上下文.  随着你的成长, 十大网投正规信誉网址在这里支持你, 指南, encourage and challenge the very best YOU that seeks to come to being.  人际关系是十大网投正规信誉网址人类成长的核心, so we commit to being a community of “right relationship” where we all grow into the best version of ourselves through our practice of VERITAS:  connection, 归属感, 真情流露的, 以及富有同情心的责任.  阅读更多.
    Student experiences dedicated to issues of equity and inclusion occur through the 课外学习计划 包括亲和团体, clubs and (non-affinity group/club) co-curricular groups that reflect the 多样性 and diverse interests of our students.

    Veritas圈 allow varied constituencies within our community to come together in smaller groups to share their stories as part of the healing and reconciliation process. 克里斯蒂娜Hale-Elliott负责这些会议.
    The residential life staff created and continues to implement culturally competent and relevant programming for students living on the Hill that build the foundation of 归属感 and inclusion. Translation services are now available for individual parent/student meetings as well as for live and online events. In 2020, an English Language Learning Specialist joined the staff to support students whose native language is not English and to meet the academic needs of students with language differences.
  • 家长,Veritas的合作伙伴

    在本次网络研讨会中, parents and caregivers are given an overview of the work that Flintridge Sacred Heart has been doing, 并计划这样做, 支持十大网投正规信誉网址作为反种族主义者的新身份, 反偏见学校社区. 与工作相关的关键思想和术语将被解开, with opportunities offered for participants to consider their own understandings. 最后, tools and tips are provided for supporting and continuing conversations about 多样性, 家庭的公平和包容.
    Veritas父母服务合伙人- 2月. 4, 2021
    Veritas 父母的合作伙伴- 2021年3月18日
  • 教师 & 工作人员

    • Cultivating Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Learning Spaces
    • 倾听,学习,向正义迈进
    • Meeting the Moment:  Creating Opportunities for Learning and Healing to Combat Anti-Asian Racism
    由特雷莎·玛雅修女领导,CCVI '85
    • 十大网投正规信誉网址都是相连的 
    多样性、股票、 & 包容专业学习社区
    A professional learning community dedicated to 多样性, 公平与包容 (DEI PLC) convened in 2017 for study and reflection on practice. PLC members as well as selected faculty and school administrators participate in professional development through the National Association Independent Schools (仙女虫属) People of Color Conference, the Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs and the SoCal People of Color in Independent Schools. Their recommendations have improved curricula and contributed to the ongoing evaluation of broader campus practices.
    Flintridge Sacred Heart hired an 教育咨询师 in 2010 to support neurodiverse students and to create 公平的 practices for all learners in our community.
    教师 & 员工亲善团体
    In consultation with the faculty and staff DEI Professional Learning 社区 (PLC), the faculty will embark upon a curriculum audit during the 2021-22 school year that will focus on three areas: pedagogical practices, 政策及程序, 课程和内容. 学术部门, 年级水平的团队, and other stakeholders will examine everything from homework policies to textbooks to instructional methods to ensure the Flintridge Sacred Heart academic program aligns with the instiution’s anti-bias, 反种族主义的目标. Using the groundwork laid by both the PLC and the 多米尼加 Justice Committee in the 2020-21 school year, faculty will engage in ongoing collaborative conversations and professional development.
    就业 opportunities are posted on Nemnet, a website dedicated to recruiting BIPOC applicants. The HR Director and hiring managers attend annual 独立的 school hiring fair(s) to recruit diverse candidates, and prospective employees are interviewed to assess the candidate’s level of cultural competency.
  • 校友

    The 女校友协会 created two additional leadership chairs for the 女校友协会 Executive Board: two DEI chairs and an international relations chair.
  • 真理之声

    Acknowledging our need to seek forgiveness and reconciliation, 十大网投正规信誉网址主持了“真理之声”,” a whole Flintridge Sacred Heart community virtual gathering. At this gathering we named and apologized for past and present hurts caused by inequities. 十大网投正规信誉网址为没能过上天主教徒的生活而悲伤, 多米尼加 mission and we sincerely wish to make a way forward with our students and alumnae by sharing specific steps on our journey to become a safe, 勇敢包容的空间, 每个人的尊严都得到尊重的地方.
The dignity of others is to be respected in all circumstances, not because that dignity is something we have invented or imagined, but because human beings possess an intrinsic worth superior to that of material objects and contingent situations


多元化、公平部主任 & 包容

In this newly created senior leadership position role, Ms. Gonzales will continue the good work we have been doing to bring our community in right relationship with our Catholic, 多米尼加charism. Ms. Gonzales’ wealth of experience working in Catholic schools and her deep commitment to fostering a climate of inclusion on our campus promises to build on the foundation of our dedicated work through Mission DEI. Ms. 冈萨雷斯从梅菲尔德高中来到十大网投正规信誉网址这里, 她在那里担任司法部联合主任, 多样性, 公平与包容. She holds a Bachelor of Fine 艺术 with a major in Art and Design 教育 and a Master of Science in the same field of study, 都来自布鲁克林的普拉特研究所, 纽约. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of 教育 – 教育al 领导 for Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

多样性、股票 & 加入团队



科琳·玛丽·马伦修女,哦.P. is a theologian, an educator and a leader in mission formation. She helped to found and subsequently direct the Ashley-O’Rourke Center for 健康 Care Mission at Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. 路易, MO where she designed and implemented a variety of theological and spiritual formation programs for Catholic 健康 Care systems.


多样性、股票 & 包含顾问

克里斯蒂娜Hale-Elliott, Ed.M., 教育公平顾问, is assisting our Flintridge Sacred Heart community in 启动 and implementing processes to support our school on its journey to becoming a safe, 反种族主义, 反歧视空间还管辖规模. 与夫人. Hale-Elliott’s guidance and the inclusion of all voices in our community we commence our reconciling journey with two specific initiatives: 真理之声 and the 多米尼加司法社区. 最近, 她担任多元化, 公平与包容 Consultant for La Cañada Unified School District. 


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十大网投正规信誉网址学院招收任何种族的学生, color, 民族和民族出身的一切权利, 特权, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. 它不以种族为基础进行歧视, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, 招生政策, 金融援助, 以及体育和其他学校管理的项目.